Katikkiro appeals to Obote over Federal

By Nasser Kayanja

Monday, 06 February 2006The Katikkiro of Buganda “Owe’kitibwa” Dan Muliika has appealed to UPC President Miria Obote to inform people in other regions that a federal system is not only for the prosperity of Buganda but the entire nation.

The Katikkiro was giving welcome remarks to a UPC delegation headed by Miria Obote at Bulange in Mengo who went there to seek reconciliation with Buganda.

He says Buganda is going through hard time to reclaim its property from the central government due to its alliances since 1966. He advised her to convince other regions of the advantages of a federal system.

Miria Obote says UPC recognizes the need for a federal arrangement for this country and to allow the Kabaka to appoint his Katikkiro. She called for reconciliation and unity for all Ugandans.
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