Regional Tier Arrangement

Dear Reader,
The government of Uganda has embarked on introducing regional tier governments in Uganda come July 2006. Some people call this arrangement Kifederofedero - watered down federo - meant to appease the Baganda. They say, this is short of true federalism that will cause more trouble than what we had in 1966.
On the other hand, there are voices that say that this is a good starting point from where more can be demanded. It is utopian to think that true federo would be implemented in one go.
What say you? What do you suggest needs to be done to get to Nirvana?

The Uganda Opposition

Dr. Muwanga-Zake,

There was a time when they pulled themselves together, formed a G6, and demanded certain things from government. The government became so scared that they responded with a Kiyonga Committee. They should have kept on with the G6 idea, as this was keeping the government on its toes. Why did they drop this idea?

It is not possible that Museveni/donors will provide the platform that opposition must have to do their work. They must toil for it, make their hands dirty, be seen to be doing something.

Have you noticed that State House is a law unto itself? It directs whatever it wants, as it has "banned" advertisements from CBS (read Bukedde). Where is the opposition to challenge that? It is no where because many of them are praying to be called by Museveni to become Ministers or such. It's as you say politics of the stomach. So, they have made their bellies their platform of unleashing their pettiness on the taxpayer.

So, how do we move forward. Any ideas?

Cheers, M. Kibuka
Federalism is the only way forward