Katikkiro disabuses Museveni on Federo

Museveni irks Buganda Lukiiko
Monday, 13th February, 2006

By Josephine Maseruka MEMBERS of the Lukiiko (Buganda parliament) on Tuesday advised President Yoweri Museveni to desist from making provocative statements on Buganda’s demands, especially the federo issue. The enraged Lukiiko members regretted that Museveni, while addressing campaign rallies in Arua, reportedly referred to federo agitators as day-dreamers.

Katikkiro Dan Muliika said, “We heard that the President said federo agitators are dreamers and are like a blind person who goes outside hoping to see something.” Museveni reportedly added that he was focusing on the East African Federation and the African Union and not federo for tiny regions.

Muliika said, “I haven’t known the President to use such language. But if it is true that he made such provocative statements, he should be reminded that you cannot first solve wrangles in a neighbour’s home when your house is on fire. “Before you talk of a bigger federation, you must know that Buganda, which wants a federal status, is in Uganda, which is in East Africa and part of Africa.

Therefore, before focusing on a bigger federation, you must first settle the burning issues at home.”

Muliika said the Baganda are not known to be dreamers because it was their innovativeness, foresightedness, hard work and an organised system of governance that earned Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa’ title. P.K. Ssengendo (sazza chief of Busiro) said Baganda are not in a hurry to get federo.
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