Katikkiro must be political


a) Last Saturday H.E the President appeared on MAMBO BADO. This was very exemplary as a leader to dialogue and interact with the general public.
b) The Politics around the Regional Governments in a multiparty Politics is that the most popular political party will win the general elections and the candidate for that party will take the chair of the Regional council or Parliament as the Regional Government may decide.
c) Parliament passed the agreement and made it into law between the two negotiating teams led by the Katikiro of Buganda on Mengo side and Hon. Amama Mbabazi on the central Government side. Without any amendment but included all other Regional headquarters to be municipal councils to give an acceptable terms for Mengo municipality.
d) In the agreement it was agreed and signed by both parties that the head of the Regional Tier will be elected by adult suffrage and the current Katikiro of Buganda signed the agreement.
e) The Regional Government will have political and financial accountability to the tax payers and traditional rulers under article 246 of the constitution can not allow them to be political partisans.
f) The resolution of the heads of clans to scr! een candidates for the head of Regional Government in Buganda is very good and it should be supported by every body, because it ensures that whoever wins the elections has his origin from Buganda and that he knows the norms and culture of Buganda. Although the resolution came after the constitution amendment it can be accommodated later in the first by laws made by the Regional Government of Buganda.
g) It will not be prudent for the Kabaka of Buganda to appoint the Katikiro in the multi party system as the people will always trace back the party of the appointed Katikiro and members of other parties will feel left out and! may reject the appointed Katikiro.
h) This is not going to be the first time Katikiro is elected. Owek. Michel Kintu competed with Owek. Mugwanya and Mugwanya lost. That is why he started DP to oppose the bad policy of only protestant to take the chair of Katikiro. Mayanja Nkangi competed but his opponents withdraw his candidature on the day of elections. It is only Owek. Ssemogerere who was appointed by the Kabaka because Uganda was under the Movement system and there was no active political parties.
i) There is a lot which will be achieved under the Regional Tier. Buganda stand to benefit Buganda for the first time in the last 35 years will came back on Uganda’s map. There are eight services which will be rendered to the people of Buganda and other regions. We shall have a head of the Region and six Ministers all flying Buganda’s flag. Buganda will have a municipality including all the historical sites; Kampala of Central Government will have permanent boundaries. So that it can not expand to include other areas of Buganda. International cities like Washington, DC, New York etc are all like that.
j) At the beginning of the negotiation it was suggested to live Katikio appointed by H.M the Kabaka and to have politically elected chairman of the council. The cultural Katikiro would head heads of clans and Royals and the elected political head would head the elected council but this was rejected.
k) Owek. Kat! ende who is a reknown lawyer explained very well the out come of the negotiations to the great Lukiko at Mengo and Members of Parliament from Buganda. We appreciated the efforts of both parties and agreed to work together and get what was remaining with the central Government but the opposition groups camping at Mengo have continued to fuel negatively those issues to deny president Museveni, Buganda votes but people of good judgment will always see the realities of the time and give Museveni their votes.

By Hon. Henry Mutebi Kityo
Member of Parliament
Mawokota South
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