Tooro PM in for regional tier system

Tooro PM in for regional tier system

KABAROLEThe tier system of governance is good provided it doesn't conflict with the customs of the people, according to the Prime Minister of Tooro kingdom."What we want as a kingdom is peace, development, and unity and if the regional tier will bring this, then I have no problem with it," Mr Stephen Irumba told scribes recently in Fort Portal town.

Mr Irumba, popularly known as Omutima Gw'Ihanga, was briefing journalists about the kingdom's new year plans.

"Our culture should remain uninterrupted by the new system," he said, adding that his fear was that the tier provides for election of a premier under universal adult suffrage instead of the king appointing the chief minister .

"This would mean usurping the powers of the king and rendering him useless," he said.Buganda kingdom has fervently opposed the regional tier in preference to a federal system of governance commonly called federo.

The newly appointed premier said that as soon as he announces a new cabinet, the team would focus on poverty eradication, sensitising the people on the importance of cultural institutions and fighting illiteracy.

The premier said Tooro is facing a financial crisis and needs support from the central government and individuals.

He commended the Bakiga and Bafumbira resident in Tooro for supporting the kingdom financially and materially. Mr Irumba urged local governments in Kamwenge, Kyenjojo and Kabarole which form the kingdom, to consider remitting some funds to the cultural body.

Asked why he had taken long to announce his cabinet, the premier said he was still consulting.
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