Buganda won’t give up Federo - Kabaka

By Henry Mukasa
Monday, 26th February, 2007

ONE PEOPLE: The Kabaka (centre) waves to his subjects before opening the 15th Lukiiko

BUGANDA will never waver in its demand for federalism and repossession of her land taken by the central government, Kabaka Ronald Mutebi has declared.

The Kabaka pointed out that the 1962 Constitution gave the kingdom a federal status and returned land that was taken from it by colonialists. However, he added, former president Apollo Obote reversed the gains in 1966. It is then that Obote abolished kingdoms and forced Kabaka Mutesa II into exile.

Mutebi observed that the Baganda clearly demanded federo during the submission for proposals before the making of the 1995 Constitution and during the process of reviewing it under the Ssempebwa Commission.

“Buganda’s stand has not changed. The struggle for federo is enormous. And I am aware it will not be won by one person or a few people. We have to fight on, united as one block,” Mutebi asserted.

In response to the notion that his sacking of the Katikkiro Dan Muliika was due to political interference, Mutebi observed that although political differences were healthy and brought development, they should not divide the people.

He added: “Under the Constitution the kingdom is barred from partisan politics. Indeed we cannot prosper when we are divided. Differences in opinions should not breed hatred.”

On allegations that the kingdom was riddled by corruption, the Kabaka noted that he instituted a royal commission headed by A. Ntate in May 2002 to probe the income and expenditure of Buganda.

He called upon the Lukiiko (Buganda parliament) to debate the findings of that commission. “We shall relentlessly work to streamline accountability at Mengo,” Mutebi vowed.

The king also urged his subjects to work for personal development and observed that since the 1970s, the living standards of the Baganda had been deteriorating due to a slump in cotton prices and destruction of coffee by the coffee wilt disease.

Kabaka Mutebi made the remarks yesterday while opening the 15th session of the Buganda Lukiiko at Bulange, Mengo. His wife, Nabagereka Sylivia Nagginda and other royals attended.

At the same function, three new ministers were introduced. They are Edward Lutaaya Mukomazi (agriculture), Fred Masagazi (education) and Medard Lubega (information).
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