Is federo non-developmental, really?

Kibirige blasts Baganda over federo debates
Tuesday, 18th September, 2007
By Ronald Kalyango and Chris Ahimbisibwe

Kibirige Ssebunya
THE Agriculture state minister has blasted Baganda who spend most of their time discussing federo, leaving little time for agricultural production.
Speaking during field trips in Bushenyi and Masaka districts last week, Kibirige Ssebunya commended the youth who participated in the cultivation of bananas and the rearing of pigs and poultry.
“I have little time to listen to FM radio stations because they are basically engaged in non-developmental issues,” noted Ssebunya.
Beatrice Wabudeya, the Minister for the Presidency, while addressing residents of Ruharo parish in Bumbeire sub-county, asked the Government and non-governmental charities to help homesteads identify farming projects that generate daily income.
She also asked agricultural workers to teach farmers improved farming methods that will lead to poverty alleviation.
Ruharo parish is a model area that is implementing the Poverty Alleviation Project launched by President Yoweri Museveni in 2004.
She added that Museveni would be happy if everybody in the country was in good health and free from poverty. Wabudeya said that was the reason why the President was introducing poverty alleviation and the universal secondary and primary education programmes.
She appealed to farmers to leave subsistence farming by looking beyond their consumption needs.
“The President wanted every homestead to have an activity that generates income daily. That is why he asked me to oversee the implementation of the programme in this parish,” noted Joan Kakwenzire, the senior presidential adviser on poverty alleviation.
Kakwenzire said 950 households had been given 77 heifers, 452 piglets, and 3,000 chickens.
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