Federo is not a Buganda only issue

MR Gawaya Tegulle’s article “Buganda leadership should seek alternative to federo” published in Daily Monitor on March 7 can be appreciated in the context that President Museveni is not about to grant federal status to Buganda.

But I strongly oppose the writer’s idea of pegging federalism to Buganda. Refer to the book “On the Kabaka’s road for Uganda” written by Joseph Muwanga. This most readable account treats federalism as a national issue. Muwanga discusses more than ten sound reasons why it should be good for Uganda.

One, it would help correct the current imbalance in regional development. Under federalism, each region would “grow” its capital city.

Two, is what Muwanga terms the “Winner Region syndrome”, a product of the over concentration of power, money jobs, and influence at the centre. Since independence, this has moved along a cycle. From the north, to the north western and now south western region. The rule is that the home area of the head of government becomes the “winner region”, a fact which is resented by the other regions.

Kris. O. Opiyo,
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